Social Media Best Practices for Small Biz, Creatives & Nonprofits Workshop

Learn Best Practices on Social Media for your Business, NonProfit or Creative Project

After years as a social media admin on multiple business, nonprofit, and artist accounts, I’m offering up what I’ve learned to the Asheville community (and beyond) at a sliding scale.

The Social Media Best Practices for Small Biz, Creatives & Nonprofits workshop will be held both in-person in Asheville, NC, as well as remotely via video (for attendees located anywhere) on Sunday May 6, 2018 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern Time.

Register by April 15, 2018 to ensure your spot. All attendees must register in advance. To register, complete the Google Form here.

This is truly a sliding scale and based on the honor system – if you are established and can pay more, you help make it possible for someone just starting out who can only pay $5 to attend. (Yes, you are welcome even if you only have $5). I have this crazy notion that we can all work together; indeed, that’s precisely how social media works, even where business is concerned.

What Will I Learn?

For starters, when you register, you can choose to share your specific questions and get answers. I’ve found the answers to the most common questions are the same, regardless of your project, organization or industry. I will cover everyone’s questions who registers by April 15, and you’ll be surprised how many others had the same questions.

We’ll also review best practices in how to get your message to the people who need to see it:

  • What’s most effective and why?
  • What to post on different social media platforms and how?
  • Best ways to build an audience?
  • How to maximize the best of all the tools that are there for free?
  • What is a hashtag and how many are too many?

There will be practice time for working on your own social presence and feedback so BYOD (bring your own device) if possible. Whether your social media game is advanced or you don’t yet have a social media presence, if you want to learn more or get started, this is the place for you. We’ll also cover additional questions at the end.

My goal is for this to be as valuable for you as possible, for you to leave with real steps you can take to help your business, project or organization thrive. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing people pursuing their passions and succeeding. I’m here to help you use all the tools at hand to succeed. And we’ll demystify them in the process.

My Background & Philosophy

Several years in business management, finance, and operations granted me a deep understanding of business challenges. I’ve worked retail, waited tables, cleaned B&Bs, toured with musicians, answered phones in call centers, vended my wares as an artisan at street festivals, tutored kids, and I might’ve worked for the mob as a barista (but I can’t prove anything and that’s a whole other story).

Point being, if you’re doing it, I understand it. As a result of my rich life experience, I cheer for the underdogs – the small business owners, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, educators, and everyone working for a sustainable future.

When I realized some years ago that my systematic training coupled with my compassion gave me a knack for communications, branding, social media, and web design, it became important for me to share this knowledge as widely as possible with those who would most benefit from it.

I’ve helped budding nonprofits outreach big box competitors online. I admin high profile accounts with thousands of followers and my messages go viral, extending the reach of solutions for our future. I’ve helped family businesses integrate a social media plan and presence in a way that works for the rest of their busy lives.

I’ve supported those just starting a local endeavor, published authors, permaculture experts, and hip hop artists. And I once saved a small business from failing using nothing more than Pinterest.

I can’t wait to hear more about what you’re bringing to your corner of the world or the whole wide globe. And at a sliding scale, you just ran out of excuses about what’s standing between you and your future. Grab your dreams by the horns and let’s do this – we need what you’ve got to share.