Lady B’s Body Goods

Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not

Organic Mosquito & Tick Repellant

Asheville, NC


Lady B got her start in 2010 crafting herbal soaps, scrubs, elixirs, candles and sprays as gifts for family and friends.

Having perfected her recipes, she hit the craft market scene in 2012. She spent many weekends over the next several years meeting customers in person and letting them sample her wares.

Encouraged by the oohs, ahhs and positive reviews, she knew she must be onto something – particularly with the formula of her highly effective insect repellant. She sold countless gallons over the years and expanded into offering it in select retail stores.

Customers returned for more with stories of Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not repelling not only local mosquitoes and ticks as intended but all sorts of biting pests in far-flung locales.

Among the places happy customers report Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not works at keeping away biting bugs: North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Mexico and the Bahamas. People who describe themselves as “mosquito magnets” say this is the only bug spray that works for them.

Bugs-Me-Not also acts as a soothing after-bite remedy for those who got bit before getting a bottle.

The Goods

Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not is bottled in BPA-free, TSA-approved, reusable and recyclable 2-oz bottles. Ingredients are: certified organic eucalyptus, catnip, lemon balm, lavender and orange, as well as witch hazel, alcohol and essential oils of tea tree and cedar wood. Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not is safe for kids, grownups and pets.

The only animal it was tested on was Lady B herself. Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not is gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan. Made in small batches, this is a labor of love and a small offering to humanity to help improve the quality of your day.

How to use

Spritz liberally on exposed skin and in your hair before going outside. Re-apply after activity that includes excessive perspiration or swimming.

If using on small children, avoid spraying on their hands to avoid accidental ingestion – while most ingredients used are food safe, Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not also includes tea tree and cedar wood essential oils and witch hazel, which are non-toxic but aren’t meant to be eaten.

Likewise, if using on dogs, spray only on the surface of their coat on the back of their necks (in the area where you would apply flea medicine) to avoid them licking it off. Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not is not a replacement for flea medication but will help repel ticks from adult dogs if applied before going outside. One spritz will suffice.

Why Would I Use This?

Like tiny gross vampires, ticks and their bites are highly unpleasant. They carry a daunting list of diseases and some have no known cure. Mosquitoes are also incredibly annoying, can rob all joy of a hike or picnic, and are vectors for some of the most problematic diseases on the planet.

Many insect repellants smell awful, are full of ingredients you can’t pronounce, or don’t actually work. Also it turns out, insects just avoid them because they don’t like the smell. They don’t like the smell of Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not either but it’s all natural, gentle on your skin, produced locally in Asheville, NC and smells pleasing to people. You and your family can feel good about Lady B’s Body Goods.

Where Can I Get IT?

Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not is available at select small retail stores in Asheville, NC:

Downtown Asheville:
Herbiary29 N. Market St., Asheville

Green Outdoors Landscape & Nursery 91 Weaverville Rd, Asheville

The V Spot in The Marquee36 Foundy St, Asheville

Fine Print (Aka how not to use this)

Above all, use common sense. Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not is meant to be used as a topical insect repellant for human beings. It is also soothing when sprayed onto existing insect bites and a mild antiseptic.

It does not kill bugs and is not known to be useful when sprayed into the air. It has no known benefits for robots. Its effectiveness and safety are not established for animals other than humans and dogs (because different species have different tolerances to essential oils). While you may find cats love you while wearing this (that would be the catnip) and it’s safe to wear around them, available information on cedar wood’s direct use with cats is mixed so you may not want to spray it directly on them.

Avoid contact with eyes and lips. Keep the sprayer top on while using. Lady B’s Bugs-Me-Not sprays out in a fine mist and has never been known it to stain. However, the base is essentially a very stout herbal tea and as such, should not be sprayed directly onto a wedding dress, for example, out of an abundance of caution.

Except for rare exceptions (such as quantities of a dozen or out of state retailers) Lady B does not ship due to the cost of shipping and handling being astronomical compared to the product. Contact Me if you’d like to discuss a special order of a large quantity or carrying for retail in your small business.