The most exciting concept I’ve come across in a while, Keep It Fresh Day is all about food justice and access to fresh foods for all, urban gardening, plant-based cuisine, b-boys and b-girls in break dance battles, eco hip hop, and the idea of food as medicine. Declared official on June 14 for some years now by the mayors of both Denver and Baltimore, Keep It Fresh Day needed a website to hold all this goodness in one place.

Dr. Ietef Vita had some fun ideas he wanted to integrate – like an animated countdown to the official day, Buckminster Fuller map, and beautiful art and photography.

He also said those magic words every designer dreams of hearing, “You’re the artist. I trust you.” And gave me more or less free reign. I had a lot of fun designing this site. (Check out the live version for the full experience, as the screenshot omits some of the amazing parallax imagery).